Broken Rod Guide Service

Lake Corpus Christi Fishing

We offer the following services:

Guided fishing trips on lake Corpus Christi.

Black bass trips are our specialty.

Day and night trips available.


We have 20 years of fishing experience on lake Corpus Christi, and we're family owned and operated.

Richard's Lunker

My biggest so far!

Broken Rod Guide Service appreciates your dream of catching that once in a lifetime fish.  Everytime we go on the water we expect a lunker, even though it may not turn out that way.  Give us a chance at Broken Rod, and maybe we can guide you to that lunker you have been looking for.

We only guide on lake Corpus Christi, though I have experience fishing many other lakes across Texas.

Here I am on the water, in action. We have a nice comfortable boat and will supply tackle if needed.

For more information please e-mail me with the button below.

My daughter's lunker!

In Action